Wednesday, December 25, 2013

OOTD: let's talk leather tonight!

Hello sweeties!! So here is an ootd post that you may enjoy! It's an outfit I wore to a girls night out on a really cold night! I'm wearing a leather jacket that is actually designed by me, the top is from topshop, jeans from suite blanco, with Zara heels and Zara necklace and of course my all time party-partner, my mini Chanel. Hope you like my look! 


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beauty Review - Glambox

Hi ladies! Today I have for you a very exciting review. Something we all girls would love.. A box full of new glamorous beauty products at your doorstep every month.. Yes! It exists! The glambox! Genius idea!Two weeks ago, I came home to my first glambox! And its always so exciting to try new products and so it was.

The brand this month was Isadora. The products were fairly nice. I loved the dynamic growth serum and the build up extra volume mascara. It's great for every day use. I also loved the wonder nail long-lasting hot red nail color! And who doesn't like those sexy red nails. So yes! I am a satisfied glambox customer! And if you like beauty products, you'll surely be one too! Subscribe today!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

An Evening with Pierre Hardy at Level Shoe District

Guess who was in town yesterday?.. One of my favourite Shoe designers, Pierre Hardy! He showcased his current Fall/Winter collection, the Level exclusive models and the Spring/Summer collection as well. It was a pleasure to meet such a charming designer. Ja'dore!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beauty Review - Quick fix at Tips & Toes

Two days ago, I was invited by the lovely ladies at Aziza communications for a mini makeover at tips & toes to try their new 'meet- your- match' Quick fix. Let me tell you ladies, this is exactly what we've been looking for! I always thought the whole 'doing your makeup thing at salons' is so over the top as we always end up looking like cakes with all those layers of makeup..The quick fix is just the answer to this.

This is how it works, you get ready to go out with the makeup you daily apply, then before going to a party, event or ladies night etc., you stop over at tips & toes and get your makeup fixed in just half an hour. They simply fix your makeup with their own pro ways making your face look so fresh with that desired glow. And ladies the best part is, its amazingly affordable - for just Dhs 50.

Got a quick blow dry done and I was all set to head down to the cosmo bachelor party with my girlies!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fashion Forward Day 3 - KAGE, ESSA & Dina JSR

Day 3 of fashion forward was a very exciting day as three of my favourite designers were showcasing their collections- ESSA, KAGE and Dina JSR.

Here's a sneak view of what I wore.. I kept it simple again. I wore a chanel tee with H&M high waist pants, Zara heels and my mini chanel which is my Goto bag for this season of fashion forward. I accessorised the outfit with some chunky-chain vintage neckcharms.

The first show I attended was Kage. I have always liked kage designs. I believe their cuts are simple with very edgy prints and fabric. In this season's collection, I loved the printed fabric. To me, the collection was casual, trendy, easy-wear and comfortable. Here are some of my favourites from the collection.

Next on was the highly talked about ESSA. As expected, it was a full house. The show was very dramatic with interesting choice of music and I loved the hair and makeup of the models. The collection was ultra feminine with laces and florals and beautiful cuts. I loved the lace- skirt- with- a- collared- shirt look and the beautiful floral dresses. Below are some of my favourites from the collection.

Next on is Dina JSR. In this season's collection, I liked the necklines and the light colours used. The collection consisted of classic pieces from long flowy dresses to short lace dresses with gorgeous necklines. Here are my picks from the collection.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fashion Forward season 2 Day 1

 The highly-talked about fashion engaging, remarkable event Fashion Forward started with a bang. It is this amazing platform that brings together emerging regional designers, local and international fashion experts, leading fashion universities, local and international editors & bloggers and the region's most stylish crowd. Its not just the people, the fashion shows or talks, its the entire vibe of the event which is so inspiring. And this season, fashion forward comes with an addition of 'The Garden' a hall where selected local and regional designers can showcase their accessories etc.

 As it was the first day of Eid too, I was out for lunch with family and was already exhausted so didn't  feel like dressing up so much so kept my outfit a bit casual - I wore a ZARA bling top, Proenza Schouler white skinnies and beige ZARA heels with my mini Chanel and a vintage necklace.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the opening party of The Garden due to Eid plans but made it in time for the fashion shows. I attended EZRA and The Emperor 1688. I Loved Ezra's collection which was more of gowns and dresses with that unique EZRA touch of course. The crowd was buzzing and it was a full house but the thing that I loved most about the show was how Ezra's entire team was at the catwalk and were applauded. Super Amazing! Here are a few of my favourites of EZRA's collection.

Next On was The Emperor 1688. This was the first time I witnessed the collection but had heard so much about their great italian suits and their limited women wear and of course, about the handsome brothers. I truly loved the collection especially the styling and the accessories. The women wear was unique and beautiful. It was definitely my style, the blazer with floral embellishments, the cuts & colors, and of course the 'sunflower dress' which I was told by the Golkar brothers that it was made of real flowers and  they were sprayed every hour since 6 am to keep them fresh. The hard work did pay as it surely was the talk of the show. But my personal favourite was the black and white dress and the matching blazer for men and the  delicate embellishments on the dress as well as the blazer was beautiful. So here are my favourites from the collection ( it was hard to choose as i thought the entire collection was remarkable).