Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beauty: On the beauty radar

On my beauty radar this month are some very amazing beauty products recommended to me by many of my friends, co bloggers and also by many beauty experts here in the UAE. 

Benefit's Cha Cha tint is best for dark skin tones and it gives the perfect glow! You can use it as a cheek tint as well as a lip colour! 

Revlon's Color-Stay Concealer is light in texture and is best for everyday use! 

Sephora's Rouge Infusion lip Color is my favorite lipstick ever!!! It's glossy when you put it and turns matt in seconds! Love it! 

Guerlain's Perfecting Primer is perfect for the party glow! Great investment! 

Guerlain's bronzer! Can I just say how much I love this bronzer. It's perrrrfect with Ms.Cha Cha up there!! 

Next comes Nar's Mascara! it's back you guys ! Nars is back in the UAE! No more ordering online and bla bla! And it's ahhhmaZing! 

Chanel's Ballerina 167! Pastel perfect for summer! And winter too as I just love it! 

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