Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Food review: Vogue Cafe Dubai


Last week, I was invited to do a review at the vogue cafe to try their new menu.
I had an absolutely amazing time. Their new menu has so much variety with all kinds of international dishes from different  cuisines catering to all you foodies!



Sunset in Paris (strawberry smoothie)
Berry Blast ( heavenly! Just like a berry jelly beens explosion in your mouth )



Crispy calamari and prawns tempura ( so crispy, mouth watering and perfect with the mayo and sauce served with it)
Crispy Salmon skin and Avacado  


Grilled Organic Chicken breast ( perfect for all you health conscious chicken lover, it's yummy and grilled with a yummy baked potatoes) 
Grilled Black Angus Beef Tenderloin 
(Beef steak cooked to perfection , comes with a really interesting mix of mushrooms and potatoes) 


Chocolate implosion ( to put it simply, it's like a chocolate on explosion with the perfect balance of white chocolate, dark chocolate sauce and mint ice cream) 

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