Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beauty review: The Illamasqua Touch

My recent beauty experiment was the winter collection by one of the best professional makeup brands, Illamasqua. 
**On a side note
I had the opportunity to speak to a very famous celebrity makeup artist this winter and he mentioned that this brand is his and most of the artists' favourite as the products are long lasting and have a smoother touch such as their matt lipstick. 
So the new winter products I got to try were the tints( in three different colors), a winter deep winter maroon lipstick and a very glitzy nail color. 

So the tints are called gel colour ( I call them tints as it's easier) were very interesting to try. 
Firstly, it took me a while to understand whether they are a form of blush or are used for contour. Literally! 
However, they are used as a form of blush or lip tint... Basically a luxurious form of our quick gloss tints that we use. 

Well, so I tried three of the colors that are available worldwide and came to a realaItion that they make ones life so much easier as they are perfect for a quick makeup look for a person like me.
I'm not some beauty expert, but you apply foundation/concealer, tap this tiny instead of blush and there you go! And the best part is they are so easy to apply. A stick makes it so easy. I choose the Orange one from the pack as it suits my skin color the best. 

Now on to the next one: the dark tone maroonish Matt lipstick.
I have three words ' to die for' 
It's my new favourite color. 
So Iv been using illasmasqua Matt lipsticks and I must tell you, they are amazing for those long parties, weddings, events that never end. So long lasting and gives the perfect finish. Im a fan! 

And finally onto the nail color: 
It's your typical glitzy, bling color! Not my style but if you girls love your glitter on a party night, it's your product! 

Below are the products' names.
Gel colors : charm, silhouette, fluster
Lip color: Rouge a levres, Vega 
Nail color: Beam
             Happy Shopping! 

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