Sunday, December 24, 2017

Beauty Master-class with Laura Mercier!

The highlight of this month was the Laura Mercier masterclass I co-hosted with the brand's global makeup artist, Michel Coloumbe who is a makeup genius (if I may add). The master classes were held at Laura Mercier's counters & outlets in Bloomingdales, Galleria mall and Harvey Nichols. 

The 3-day beauty masterclass was all about the holiday collection and makeup tricks from contouring to highlighting to tips on how to use the right brush for the right product. 
The best trick I learnt was how to use the Laura Mercier powder (which is ones of the most famous product) and how to apply it using a sponge. 
So helpful and fun, the classes were so informative and full of energy and It was a pleasure to be a part of it. 
For more details on the products, you must check out @LauraMercier on Instagram. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A week in paradise - At the St.Regis Resort Vommuli in Maldives

My first time to the Maldives, I expected the typical blue clean waters, beautiful views, gorgeous palm trees and so on..
But oh boy, did I get more than I expected! It was one of the most luxurious trips I've ever been on. From the pick up from the airport to the drop-off, it was a perfect luxurious journey. 

Th experience started from our pick up from the airport from where they take you to the st.regis room before the plane ride to the island. After the plane ride, which is a very interesting ride ( I have a fear of flying in small planes) we land on sea and to a view of smiling faces waving to us welcoming us to the resort. We were then introduced to our personal butler (who was amazing if I may add). 

And then... we had a tour of the most beautiful resort.
After a fabulous tour, we were taken to our villa which was spectacular!!! We stayed at the water villa which is in the middle of the ocean and has a view of the ocean too. I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful our villa was. 
The room, the washroom, the patio with a private pool and oh the view! Amazzzing! 
The resort had so many things for us to do from cycling, to snorkeling to a spa day with a beautiful ocean over looking infinity pool. Oh, and the food was amazing from curries to seafood and all kinds of cuisines. 

Last but not least, the customer service is fantastic and this I had expected from before as this was my third stay at a St.regis hotel and it's always impeccable. 
I would def. recommend a stay at the resort to anyone who's looking to have a luxurious relaxing holiday. 

Resort: St.Regis Vommuli Resort, Maldives

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cozy afternoons at home with LineLoup.

Line Loup - A french shoe brand with their slippers handmade in Italy are one of the most comfy slippers I've ever had.
Usually, comfy shoes that are available in the market tend to be ugly and cater to older women but Line Loup are those stylish slippers that could be easily worn at home or for travel.
They come in several designs with tassles, broches etc however, I love their classics called Linette which come in four different colours - Blue, pink, silver and gold. I opted for the silver ones given they go with everything and are very classy.

So, if you're looking for comfy, stylish slippers (slippers are so in btw), you must check out the brand!
They are shipped (to the UAE) within two days.

Follow them: @lineloupcannes

Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Weekend stay at Manzil Downtown Dubai

A relaxing stay at the Manzil is exactly what I needed last weekend. Manzil downtown, a hotel in the heart of downtown right opposite world's largest mall is one of the buziest hotels in Dubai because of its excellent service and its location.

What I loved?
Customer Service 
Perfect location - Walking distance to Dubai mall and other hotels on the boulevard.
family friendly.
The food and shisha - great ambiance at the Manzil courtyard.

Perfect for short trips to Dubai for shopping or simply unwinding. Located in the center of downtown so easy access to other areas of Dubai.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Stay-Cation at the St.Regis Dubai

If you're spending your summer in the UAE, you really would love a stay-cay to one of many luxurious resorts and hotels in the UAE. Its always fun to stay at a hotel for a weekend getaway for some needed R&R. Let me tell you, it does feel like you're on holiday even if you're in the same city. And what better way to spend it in a luxurious hotel such as the St.Regis Dubai. 
After a super warm welcome at the beautiful entrance, you're checked in into a beautiful suite with a pretty cool view of Sheikh Zayed road and the Dubai Water canal and that beautiful spacious suite is your home for the weekend.

What I Loved?
Personal Butler service
Insta-friendly hotel (you can take millions of photos and never get bored)
The spa which is complimentary to the hotel guests.
Great steak at the J&G Steakhouse.
The breakfast! 

You should book a stay this summer if you're looking for a relaxing stay for a weekend at a luxurious hotel to unwind and maybe take a few nice pictures while you're at it.

Hotel : St.Regis Dubai, Habtoor City, Dubai

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Detox Facial at Kaya Skin Clinic 

I recently visited Kaya Skin clinic at their Marina Branch to try their facial.  I went for a consultation as I wasn't sure what kind of a facial would best suit my skin. After getting a consult, the dermatologist suggested I go for the detox facial.  The detox facial is basically a mild facial which includes scrubbing, massage, black heads and white heads removal and mask. It's the best facial for the young Skin. If you're looking to refresh your skin after all those full makeup days, this ones a good facial as it leaves your skin fresh and clean from the inner layer.  One of the best things about he facial is that they use all the different vitamins which help to exfoliate the dead skin and rejuvenate the skin.  My advice, go for the Detox if you're looking for  mild deep-freshening facial. 
 Kaya Skin clinic, Marina branch, Dubai