Saturday, January 14, 2017

Detox Facial at Kaya Skin Clinic 

I recently visited Kaya Skin clinic at their Marina Branch to try their facial.  I went for a consultation as I wasn't sure what kind of a facial would best suit my skin. After getting a consult, the dermatologist suggested I go for the detox facial.  The detox facial is basically a mild facial which includes scrubbing, massage, black heads and white heads removal and mask. It's the best facial for the young Skin. If you're looking to refresh your skin after all those full makeup days, this ones a good facial as it leaves your skin fresh and clean from the inner layer.  One of the best things about he facial is that they use all the different vitamins which help to exfoliate the dead skin and rejuvenate the skin.  My advice, go for the Detox if you're looking for  mild deep-freshening facial. 
 Kaya Skin clinic, Marina branch, Dubai