Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cozy afternoons at home with LineLoup.

Line Loup - A french shoe brand with their slippers handmade in Italy are one of the most comfy slippers I've ever had.
Usually, comfy shoes that are available in the market tend to be ugly and cater to older women but Line Loup are those stylish slippers that could be easily worn at home or for travel.
They come in several designs with tassles, broches etc however, I love their classics called Linette which come in four different colours - Blue, pink, silver and gold. I opted for the silver ones given they go with everything and are very classy.

So, if you're looking for comfy, stylish slippers (slippers are so in btw), you must check out the brand!
They are shipped (to the UAE) within two days.

Follow them: @lineloupcannes

Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Weekend stay at Manzil Downtown Dubai

A relaxing stay at the Manzil is exactly what I needed last weekend. Manzil downtown, a hotel in the heart of downtown right opposite world's largest mall is one of the buziest hotels in Dubai because of its excellent service and its location.

What I loved?
Customer Service 
Perfect location - Walking distance to Dubai mall and other hotels on the boulevard.
family friendly.
The food and shisha - great ambiance at the Manzil courtyard.

Perfect for short trips to Dubai for shopping or simply unwinding. Located in the center of downtown so easy access to other areas of Dubai.