Saturday, December 16, 2017

A week in paradise - At the St.Regis Resort Vommuli in Maldives

My first time to the Maldives, I expected the typical blue clean waters, beautiful views, gorgeous palm trees and so on..
But oh boy, did I get more than I expected! It was one of the most luxurious trips I've ever been on. From the pick up from the airport to the drop-off, it was a perfect luxurious journey. 

Th experience started from our pick up from the airport from where they take you to the st.regis room before the plane ride to the island. After the plane ride, which is a very interesting ride ( I have a fear of flying in small planes) we land on sea and to a view of smiling faces waving to us welcoming us to the resort. We were then introduced to our personal butler (who was amazing if I may add). 

And then... we had a tour of the most beautiful resort.
After a fabulous tour, we were taken to our villa which was spectacular!!! We stayed at the water villa which is in the middle of the ocean and has a view of the ocean too. I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful our villa was. 
The room, the washroom, the patio with a private pool and oh the view! Amazzzing! 
The resort had so many things for us to do from cycling, to snorkeling to a spa day with a beautiful ocean over looking infinity pool. Oh, and the food was amazing from curries to seafood and all kinds of cuisines. 

Last but not least, the customer service is fantastic and this I had expected from before as this was my third stay at a St.regis hotel and it's always impeccable. 
I would def. recommend a stay at the resort to anyone who's looking to have a luxurious relaxing holiday. 

Resort: St.Regis Vommuli Resort, Maldives


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